Our Mission
  At Petree & Stoudt, it's our mission to supply the finest products available to all facets of the textile industry, to engineer creative custom solutions for our customers, and to explore new markets for textile-related technology in other industries.  
  Customer Relationships  

The success of Petree & Stoudt has always been the strength of our customer relationships. The products we offer, the solutions we engineer, and the services we provide have always been driven by the goal of improving our customers' product quality and bottom line.

We constantly seek out new technologies, and have spurred the development of many of the products we now sell by relaying customer needs to expert manufacturers. Petree & Stoudt is the hub of a network of the world's top suppliers sharing a common goal: to ensure that our customers are, and will continue to be, industry leaders in the world of textiles.

Industry Leading Products
  Cutting Edge Engineering
  - Comprehensive System Design
- Creative Problem Solving
- Research & Development Services
  Manufacturing, Support, & Repair
    - Custom Part Production
- Complete Product Support
- Full Range of Repair Services