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We're not just a machine shop.
We're a machine shop, an engineering firm, a parts warehouse and more. We can design, manufacture, and deliver just-in-time. We can meet +/-.0002" tolerances, produce prototypes, and manufacture CNC Milled and CNC Turned parts all day long.

We're not just a local job shop.
Our sales force travels from Virginia to Florida, Tennessee to Alabama, and our home base is in High Point, North Carolina. We quote jobs online through for the whole continent. We ship parts from coast to coast and around the world (including China, Brazil, Germany, and all points in between).

We're not just machinists.
Open since 1979 and running out of our own 20,000 square foot facility, we are a proven source for quality parts. Our customer list includes some of the biggest manufacturers in America and some of the hottest new companies in the U.S. Our network of coaters, anodizers, fabricators, laser cutters, and other specialists is unparalleled and supremely qualified.

We're not just a family owned and operated company.
We're proud American Manufacturers, founded nearly 30 years ago with the entrepreneurial spirit and driven to be the best.

We are Petree & Stoudt Associates, Inc.

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